About us

At Rank Architects we focus on the growth of your business income. Regardless of the level of our cooperation this is always our priority. What distinguishes us from others is our ability to listen to your needs, analysis based on facts not second guesses, plus a strong focus on long-term relationships.

We deal with data analytics, design and the improvement of websites in terms of UX, paid ads (SEM, Facebook), website positioning (Google and Yandex) as well as all social media and the advertising upon them, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

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How are we working?

Rank Architects offers a tailored made service, created to suit your needs and provided at the highest professional standards.

What problems can we help you solve?

  • Low number of leads

    If you have a small number of leads, we can help grow them, we will increase your company’s turnover and income. We will create a comprehensive strategy for your online business. We know that it’s not the charts and bars but the company’s account balance that is the most important metric at the end of the month.

  • Company’s development in to new markets

    Are you planning to enter a new market and need support? Thanks to our experienced team who consists of native speakers we are able to plan the development of you business in this direction.

  • Business analysis

    The corner stone of any business development is the ability to gather information and then create the appropriate analysis. We will do an audit of your website, implement new solutions and present you with correct data.

  • Internet marketing

    If you are not satisfied with your paid advertising campaigns, your SEO traffic is not at an appropriate level or your social media communication is not on track, we will deal with every aspect of it to make it work for you and bring the results you need.

Meet Rank Architects

  • I have been working in online marketing for 8 years. I started my career in an online clinic first, and after that my journey brought me to copywriting and an SEO specialist position. I gained my experience working for SEO agencies, where I was optimizing their e-commerce, various business websites and blogs. The main area of my activity focuses on On-Site analysis and generating traffic using Content. I develop an SEO strategy based on available data, website audit and goals which my client wants to achieve.
    At work, I use many tools, including Sitebulb, Ahrefs, Semrush, Screaming Frog, Cluestric and Google tools as well. Currently, SEO is not only about on- and offsite optimization, but above all a comprehensive strategy to increase traffic and generate leads. It involves many elements.

    Aleksandra Józwik

    Head of SEO
  • Artur Latosiewicz

    Head Of Sale CIS
  • Illia Koliadiuk

    SEO specialist - UA, RU, BY markets
  • Katarzyna Górska

    UX i Product
  • Mateusz Muryjas

    Head of Analytics
  • Paweł Kozłowski

  • Tomasz Maciejewski

    LinkedIn strategist