SEO Audit

SEO audit gives a comprehensive analysis of a website or an online store. It contains information about all the necessary elements that affect your websites positioning. You can order an audit of your website at any stage of its existence, however it is recommended to have an audit from the very moment it is designed.

What do we offer?

Comprehensive and in-depth analysis of your website visibility. We focus on the technical elements worth improving to achieve your previously intended goals.

Analysis of your website’s visibility history
Keywords and back links analysis
Website content analysis
Analysis of the websites code, websites speed and mobile version

SEO audit should be ordered before a websites release or in the event of a change of direction or content. We will take a thorough and in depth look at your existing optimization actions and help you decide whether to continue or change the strategy. Check how SEO audit can help your site.

    How to begin?

    We understand how crucial step-by-step action is. That is why it is worth starting our optimization operations as soon as possible. SEO audit will organize your website and allow you to focus on the most important aspects of your businesses optimization. Contact us to discuss it in details

    Domain history and technical data

    In our audit, you will find all the information about the number of indexed pages as well as IP addresses

    Statistics and code optimization
    We check organic factors and page code (HTML, CSS)

    Content analysis and linking
    We check the quality of your websites content and the history of incoming links

    All implementation of our recommended actions,
    Optimization, migration or important changes will be carried out under the watchful eye of experts and bring your website to the next level.

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