UX research

UX research requires detailed preparation before the implementation of our suggested changes. Your knowledge alongside our research will bring a greater understanding of your customers’ preferences, so that we are able to offer implementations that will meet their expectations. In order to optimize the User Experience of your website, we will conduct extensive research on a large group of recipients from your sector. The culmination of our data and analysis being introduced will bring the benefit of increased traffic and conversions.

Service quality both in e-commerce and in stationary sales is of increasing importance for clients and it impacts their sales decisions. Therefore, before introducing any UX changes we familiarize ourselves with the preferences, possibilities, needs and characteristics of your clients. Then we will choose solutions that best fit the profile of your customers to increase traffic and conversions and as a result bring measurable profits.

What do we offer?

Knowing the needs and preferences of your users will allow us to take appropriate actions during UX changes and implementation. In order to best research your clients we use quantitative and qualitative research methods which include:

mouse tracking,
click maps,
website or application traffic analysis,
split tests A/B,
consumer surveys

Remember that your webiste is nothing more than a digital product. If you want your consumers to enjoy using it let us work out the most attractive and accessible version.

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