Are you expanding from the UK or the USA and want to start a business in Poland but you need logistics support? Do you want to safely store your products and have easy access to them during freight shipping? Or maybe you are looking for a transport company and mail order/shipping services? We can find you a well located warehouse with shipping services, as well as a cheap, fast and trustworthy transport company.

Fully operational logistics can significantly reduce the costs of your business. It is not just about the cheapest warehouse or transport, but ensuring that the logistic companies operate efficiently, fast and safely for you. We will find you the partners who can best meet your needs and fit into the specifics of your business.

What do we offer?

We will help to situate you in the Polish market and to find partners with whom you can improve your logistics processes.

We will find warehouses specific to your products, located in convenient areas.

We will make sure that your partners efficiently and safely pack the goods and prepare them for transport.

We will present you with the most attractive logistics offers.

If you are setting up a company in Poland or just want to optimize your logistics processes and reduce the costs at the same time, make sure to contact us. With our cooperation as your logistics partner, you will improve your work flow, increase your company’s finances and gain a network of trusted contractors.

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