SEO Trainings

We will organize SEO training for your marketing department, copywriters or programmers. We will show you how SEO training is an investment that pays off quickly!

What do we offer?

During this training we teach you the secrets of positioning, correct content creation, as well as independent linking. Our knowledge is provided in a manageable and accessible form.

Basics of website positioning.
The most important elements of website optimization.
Ways to create Google friendly content.
Link building and linking profile analysis.

SEO training is a great opportunity for companies that intend to up their game and be visible online. Regardless of your scope of knowledge, we will present you with topics in an accessible form for the marketing department, sales, programming team or UX.

    How to begin?

    Contact us about the scope of the training you require along with the location and duration. We organize SEO trainings for small and large groups of participants. We are here to help and to share our knowledge, just ask!/span>

    Together we set the scope of the training program.
    We then adapt the curriculum to suit the level of the participants’ knowledge and for your needs.

    We create the training for your selected group.
    Our teams of experts then deliver these topics, which are presented in a friendly atmosphere for people of any level to follow.

    We present you with solutions.
    Case studies, tips, problems and ways to solve them

    Q&A session.
    We answer the most pressing questions of all the students

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