Yandex Direct

Does your market include Russian speaking countries? Do you need effective ads in the Yandex search engine? Take advantage of our specialist knowledge, we are fluent in Yandex Direct. Yandex Direct is a system of paid campaigns in the Russian search engine. With our experts and experience you will increase traffic and sales on your pages in Runet.

Yandex. Direct gives you very broad targeting options. If you do not want to overspend your budget on ineffective ads that reach outside the targeted group, we will prioritize with Yandex and reach your market directly. This is all possible thanks to features such as geotargeting, time targeting and the ad network known also as Google Ads.

What do we offer?

Launching new campaigns or optimizing current ones on Yandex. Direct? We target all relevant/possible avenues available within the Russian language search engine. You don’t have to worry about burning your budget or missing potential customers.

We will set up your new campaigns

We will optimize your existing campaigns

We will use the targeted keywords and create sales content

With our knowledge and specialized tools we will be there to optimize your ads

We will create an ad network that will be displayed to those people who use similar content to the topics on your website

We will use geotargeting and time targeting to reach audiences matching as close to your target groups as possible

You can trust our specialists who have thorough knowledge on the intricacies of Yandex.Direct.
Optimized advertising is not only an effective way to reach potential clients but also it gives a greater probability that the investment in paid links will bring you profits.

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