Web analytics

Have you invested in various internet marketing methods and don’t know if the money is really paying off? Would you like to know which activities bring you the most profits and which you can limit without incurring losses? Web analytics gives answers to all your questions about the operation of your site and the habits of its recipients. By collecting and analyzing data, you will not overspend your marketing budget; instead you will set specific goals and measure the degree of their implementation.

Thanks to the advanced analytical tools that we use, we can measure micro- and macro-conversions, and then present them to you with recommendations that will optimize your website in such a way as to generate more traffic and higher sales. We will also examine the behavior of internet users visiting your site. Through learning their habits we will implement UX changes, such as simplifying the shopping path so that they are more likely to make a purchase on your website or contact you for your services.

What we offer?

Analytics covers a wide range of data, by focusing on these details, it will allow you to make the most effective e-marketing strategies.Web analytics consists of:

Optimization of micro- and macro conversions
Evaluation of the effectiveness of e-marketing activities
Checking the necessary implementations
Describing and measuring goals
Website traffic analysis
Examining the behavior of recipients
Analysis of page content and settings

With our web analytics tools and experts help you will collect the data that will allow you to optimize the costs of your e-marketing activities. You will then be able to take steps that from the very beginning will have a greater potential to attract new customers and increase sales.

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