SEO in Ukraine

Are you thinking to expand your business in to the Ukraine? Or maybe you want to reach new clients in the Eastern market? If yes, it is essential to have your website correctly positioned on Google and Yandex.

What do we offer?

Comprehensive services, experience and knowledge of the local market – these are the necessary elements to offer great results for your business. We will help you to gain traffic on the website, find new customers or strengthen your brand name on the Internet. We have an office in Kiev and we speak Ukrainian, Russian, Polish and English. We already have a group of satisfied local customers in Ukraine.

Competition analysis
Keyword analysis
Content writing

A receptive and developing market offers an excellent opportunity to build your visibility and brand before your competition does. What we can offer you is our experience in SEO, knowledge of Ukrainian markets and great efficiency. Contact us to find out what we can do for you

    How to begin?

    The Yandex search engine similarly to Googles takes into account conditions such as technical optimization, precise translations, unique content and high quality back links. You no longer have to search for specialists, you have just found them.

    Analysis of your current situation

    We analyze the possibilities for your website, competition, target group, risks and optimization factors

    Goals setting

    We give you advice and set goals together, which are realistic, achievable and measurable

    Beginning our partnership

    From now on we are a team that strives to achieve success together

    Building visibility

    We focus on actions that have a real impact on your business

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