Facebook Ads

Display your Facebook ads and reach your precisely defined audience. Facebook ads provide extremely broad advertising options. Your sponsored posts can be targeted at the audience that they are most relevant to. These advertising campaigns will increase your brand awareness and help you to build lasting relationships with existing customers. What is more they will also expand your business contacts and lead to increase sales of your products and services.

Our experts will set up new advertising campaigns for you, or optimize your current ads to better work for you.
We will show your ads to targeted audiences based not only on demographics and geographical data, but most importantly Facebook users’ interests, their current life situations (e.g. building a house, an upcoming wedding or a child’s birth etc.) Let us help you to create the most attractive ads for your desired audience. These ads can be in the form of photos, videos, photo carousels and slide shows.

What do we offer?

Optimal settings for your Facebook ads require knowledge and time. Therefore you can focus on making your offer more attractive and our specialists will delve into your ads settings taking into account the following:

Setting up new campaigns

Audit and optimization of your current ads

Setting goals on your sponsored posts, for example traffic, reach, engagement or sale

Controlling the budget allocated to your ads

Synergy of ads on various devices (PC, smart phones and tablets)

Instagram compatibility

Facebook advertising is the most functional, cost effective and measurable method to promote your business online. That is why these advertising campaigns cannot be missed among your e-marketing activities.

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