Google Adwords

Do you want to sell more? It is time to set up a Google ads campaign (once called AdWords) so that your website can appear at the very top of ranking results. Have you been running your Google Ads and found that something is not quite right? We will audit your campaigns and recommend changes that will improve their effectiveness.

When setting up a new campaign or during an ongoing audit we pay attention to the minutiae. We will adjust the Google ads schedule, set up the location, add attribute specifications and finalize all necessary details on how to reach your company along with additional information on your products and services. The ad will reach your potential clients and your clients will be literally two clicks closer to finding your business.

What do we offer?

We will help deliver an advertising campaign on Google Ads to convince online surfers that your offer is the most attractive

Text ads – sales content with popular keywords will display your ads high on Google search results

Product campaigns – will be displayed in “photo search” together with your product description. This is one of the best selling ad forms through Google Ads

Gmail ads – reach your audience by email, touch those who visited your website or those in a group of potential clients

Remarketing – this type of ad reminds clients about your offer or business and reaches those who visited your website but haven’t decided to buy anything yet

Google Display Network – reach your potential clients outside Google Search as they browse content related to your business.

You are already familiar with the potential of Google Ads campaigns. Now you can take advantage of the knowledge of our specialists who will find the best solutions to reach your targeted audience without burning the budget.

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